Misery loves company.

I know I have been MIA lately, but if it makes you feel better, this blog isn’t the only thing I’ve been neglecting:

Yes, I accidentally let Scarlett die. I am super sad about it because I have had her since I moved to NYC, and she’s been on her last legs for a while. I even took her to the plant doctor a while ago and he gave her some food and cleaned her up — I thought things were looking up! But that ended up being her last hurrah, and now I’m left with a brown, shriveled plant.

I promise I will take better care of Scarlett Jr, and I will write more often too!


2 thoughts on “Misery loves company.

  1. I had a cactus die on me in college…that’s right…I’m less nurturing then the desert.

  2. Flounder says:


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