Odds & Ends

I feel like more and more this blog is turning into my collection of random thoughts. But its my blog and I can do what I want, so there.

This weekend was essentially Halloween, so I was excited to see how the Big Apple dresses up. Friday night GC took me to see Saw 3D and we smuggled in burritos & whiskey. I have never seen a 3D movie before this — I’m one of those people that likes to pretend I’m an early adapter but actually drag my feet when it comes to new technology. Amanda told me that 3D was here to stay and I didn’t believe her, but God bless her — its amazing. It was cooler than real life. There was almost no plot line, just a series of Jigsaw traps, but who cares!?!?

Saturday I went row boating in Central Park with Dan and our friend Liz for her birthday. [Sidenote: I’m watching Sister Wives as I’m writing this and that show is CRAZY! How does he support three wives and like, 11 children? Ugh.] Due to my advanced nautical prowess I was designated the official rower, and I may or not be immensely sore from the armpits up. I was hoping to at least get some good photo ops out of it, but I was just sweaty and hulkin’ out the entire time; I wish I could steal her camera and delete all the pics. C’est la vie, eh?

Saturday night Peter and Nicole came in and we pregamed in costume (Jay-Z and Beyonce) before heading down to the village to meet some other friends. Luckily my Sue Sylvester megaphone was perfect for heckling people from the cab, which was great fun. I won’t say the night got out of hand, but I won’t say we all remembered the whole thing.

Sunday morning I woke up and cooked this amazing brunch for GC — not as good as the original version I had up in Boston, but still pretty great. Sweet sausage, butternut squash, roasted potatoes, spinach, cheese, and topped with scrambled eggs. Mmm. The rest of the day was spent watching Mad Men in bed because what better way to spend a chilly autumn day than watching Don Draper seduce teachers and secretaries?

I realized tonight that my subway stop is starting to feel like home. I never thought I’d care, but I’m starting to learn the rhythms of the two subway lines by my apartment, and I get the same feeling pulling up to 59th&Lex that I used to when I got to the Newark exit on the highway in college, or pulling into the garage at home. I guess this means I may be becoming a teeny, tiny bit of a New Yorker? I just bought one of those long, poofy black jackets with a fur-lined hood, which I think is also another baby step towards becoming a New Yorker.

Final thought: WHY ISN’T MY HEAT ON YET!?!?!?


One thought on “Odds & Ends

  1. Jill says:

    Sounds like u had a fun night! I went out with my friends too.
    LOL that jacket def. means you are becoming a new yorker, it’s basically the trademark NYer jacket for winter in the city.

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