I’m the worst.

Forgive me, but when real life gets all frantic, the last  thing I do is run to my blog to rehash everything for everyone. That being said, life has been frantic. As previously discussed, I LIVE for my lunch break. I went 8 days in a row without one, which was reason enough for me to be salty. Work has calmed down a little bit, so I have a bit time to tell you about what’s been going on. This is just a quick post, but there will be pictures to come later!

  • Day drinking for the Quidditch World Cup
  • The Bronx Zoo
  • Lots of time with GC
  • Chat Roulette [FULLY CLOTHED, pervs]
  • Interesting experiments in the kitchen entitled “Too poor to go grocery shopping”
  • Due Date & Morning Glory — and Harry Potter at midnight!

Okay when I started that list I thought I had a lot more to write. The next 10 days coming up are going to be pretty awesome though: LA FOR THANKSGIVING! Yep, that deserves all caps. I literally shout it every time I say it.


One thought on “I’m the worst.

  1. daroomie says:

    YAY! YAY! YAY! I can’t stop talking about you coming to visit!!!

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