Rock Bottom or Genius?

This Wednesday morning, struggling witha  company-holiday-party-induced hangover and only Golden Grahams in my belly and the delicious yet nutritionally-lacking prospect of ramen for lunch, I am revisiting one of my most controversial ideas. Read on:

Jennifer: too bad it’s not warmer
Jennifer: i’d freaking nap in the park
sue: hhahaha DITTO
sue: nap in st patricks? im still flirting with that idea. no shame.
Jennifer: hm
sue: i see it as nap in the UD cathedral. on acid.
Jennifer: hahahaha
sue: which was my FAVORITE by the way
Jennifer: do you think someone would think we were hobos and yell at us?
sue: i dk, id huddle up under my coat
Jennifer: …like hobos do
maybe they’d think we were praying if we positioned ourselves just right
sue: ive thought about it a lot
even done recon work
I really don’t see how its a bad idea. Okay — I see how its a horrible idea, but I’m thinking about rolling the dice anyways. In this tourist-crazed holiday season, its impossible to get a moment’s peace anywhere! These crazy sightseers literally leave no stone unturned, no nook or cranny unspoiled by their Nikon quest.  This may be a bold statement, but I think I am starting to feel like a grizzly bear when deforestation happens. That and the whole hibernation thing.
I’ll keep you posted.

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