Why Snow Sucks.

I find that so many of my friends and family that don’t live in the city get so excited when it snows. “Oh, snow day in the city! Must be so beautiful!” No. Wrong. Snow in NYC never ever looks like this:

It looks nice for maybe the first 10 minutes of the day, then people start commuting [because work is never cancelled due to inclement weather!] and it looks like this for the next two weeks:

Then I get mad because I have to wear Hunters to work for at least 5 days, and I run out of skinny-leg dress pants and then Im forced to tuck in big-legged pants into my boots and I look like a gypsy. Sucks. It just thundered outside and I KNOW that I will have to get up in 12 hours and trudge to the nasty office. Give me Florida now.

Light at the end of the tunnel: Madrid, Paris & Amsterdam in June!!


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