The Balance

Winter in New York always tends to get me down (yes, all 1.5 of them I’ve survived). Maybe its just that winter anywhere gets me down, but all this snow and cold and bundling up is getting annoying. Yes I loved my matching yellow ear-flap hat and fingerless gloves — when I bought them 4 months ago. Now they are less yellow than grey from their time gripping grimy subway poles. I feel like living in NYC is pretty overwhelming at times, but for reasons different than most people suspect. At this point I can navigate the transit system pretty well, and its pretty difficult to get lost on a grid (until you get down to where the streets have names instead of numbers) — what’s overwhelming is the immense possibilities. Friday night an out-of-town friend said “I’m in the West Village, lets meet up!” Sounds great, but where? Do I choose a bar I’ve already been to that I know will work out? Do I choose a new one? Do we just meet on a random corner and walk until we mutually discover a gem? I went with the first option, which always leaves that nagging feeling you’re missing something. What if the bar down the street has THE best bartenders? A great special? The next Lady Gaga is performing on stage and you could have seen her “way back then.” Its hard sometimes to remember that if you’re having fun doing what you’re doing, that’s good enough. So with those infinite possibilities in mind, how is it possible to sit inside or spend a night in? I am afraid of leaving NYC eventually with regrets, regret that I never did X, Y & Z. But doing all that stuff all the time leaves you ragged, especially in the cold when all you want is a bowl of pasta and Mad Men On Demand, so where’s the balance?

That whole speech aside, this weekend was  GREAT. Friday night Joe and I met up at Arthur’s (yes of Sweet Georgia Brown fame) and had a few drinks there before venturing east to meet up with some friends at Parkside. Turns out they have a “Recession Special” thats 24oz of beer and a shot of whiskey for $8 — a few hours later Joe was puking on the train. In a suit. Class act. Saturday GC & I went to The Meatball Shop, aka lived out my lifelong dream. Trying to describe it would be a waste of space, but it changed my life. Then we walked through Chinatown — New Year’s Parade! — to a pop-up indoor park, complete with fake grass, artificial trees, bird songs on a loop, and tons of restless kids. It was ALMOST like Central Park…. That night was dinner & a movie, which rounded out a pretty amazing Saturday. Today I visited the Morgan Library for the first time, which almost trumps the Met as my favorite museum. I can’t really decide yet, I’ll have to do some careful revisiting of both before making the final call. Tonight is going to be spent doing my taxes (come on big return, mama needs to pay her credit card bill) and watching the Grammys — the perfect balance of productivity and laziness.

PS: Since its our 6-month anniversary on Tuesday, I guess GC deserves to be known as Dave now, right?


One thought on “The Balance

  1. daroomie says:

    Dave is outed! Big post! I Love it!

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