I guess its come to this…

I winked at a street-meat vendor today.

There. I said it.

And it wasn’t easy.

Lamb gyros from street meat vendors are my Achilles’ heel, and as soon as the weather gets nice, I like to get a questionably-hygienic hunk of meat wrapped in a pita and sit down on the sunniest park bench to chow down. Today’s warm weather tempted me outside, and I couldn’t deny my craving for a gyro. The guy was so friendly, so sleazily friendly, that I couldn’t resist a little charm. I blame it on a Vitamin D overdose. I got my gyro (for $6 instead of $7, no less), sat down on a nearby fountain, and messily stuffed my face.  When I was done, I walked back over to their stand to throw my trash away — no trashcans within a 5 block radius of Rock Center — and I said “You know, that was probably the best gyro I’ve ever had!” He replied “Me, or the gyro?” I said “Both!” and winked and walked away.

So….do I go back and hope for a discount, or steer clear because I don’t want this to get any weirder?


One thought on “I guess its come to this…

  1. […] with my friend’s parents to walking around at work with my hands in my pants pockets to winking at a street meat vendor, I’ve done some pretty awkward things. But what I did last week takes things to a new level. […]

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