Eff You, ConEd

I’m up at 8AM this Saturday because ConEd is making some sort of “improvements” outside my window, which include a jackhammer and some sort of devilish snake vacuum thing which makes the subway sound like chamber music. Dave was out of here early, so I’m killing some time before going up to the Cloisters and enjoying the first of spring weather.

I have been exhausted all week, mostly due to abusing my body. Sunday I thought I had a fever, Monday I had dinner with my best friend, Tuesday I went and picked up my scuba gear, Wednesday I went out with said best friend and a few others. We headed to the Croc Lounge and sat outside in the garden, drinking some beers and chatting. Around eleven or so, half our party decided to split, and we moved inside to the bar which was now mostly empty. In a unanimous decision we voted to take shots, which led to me stumbling to the bus stop a few hours later. Thursday night was St. Pattys = disaster. Dan and some of his gay posse met up with me and my a capella friends (yes, it was like West Side Story) at Blockheads to drink outside and hopefully avoid some crowds. Well, one tequila let to three, then whiskey, which led to wandering around the West Village. I got home at 2ish, but had to wake up at 630 to take care of the silly dog I have been dogsitting all week. She is a brat, by the way.

Tomorrow is another date at Calle Ocho; we make reservations for every month. Tomorrow, April 17, May 22 — good thing Adam has an iPhone and can keep all these things straight….

Well the jackhammering continues, so I’m going to go make some food or something (my answer to everything).


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