Buckle Your Helmet

Back in May, Dave bought me a bike for my birthday – sweet guy, right? Its a banging red St. Tropez that I’m obsessed with. My first couple rides were terrifying! I took off my first morning as a bike owner on my way to work. 57th Street is a two-way street and I needed to get over to 2nd Ave to catch the bike lane south. I nervously set out on the right side of the street, but didn’t know how to make a left. I’d seen people ride in the middle of the street, on the yellow line, so I eased my way over. There was no oncoming traffic, so I swerved over to the left side of the street, hugging the curb. As I neared the corner of 2nd Ave, the M57 barreled toward me and laid on the horn. It grazed past me, but not before causing me to almost jump the curb in fright.

Stupidly I kept going. I got in the 2nd Ave bus lane, but quickly opted for the left side because I don’t enjoy buses all up in my rear. I finally made it down to 47th to cut across to midtown. Should have known that was a bad idea – there is so much construction in midtown that I frequently had to pedal (awkwardly) on the crowded sidewalk and more frequently get off and walk. I was furious by the time I got to work, furious and feeling defeated. I have only ridden my bike to work a few more times since then because crowded midtown traffic is the worst.

Yesterday Dave & I rode down to the High Line to check out the new sections of the park and then see Transformers 3D. Riding downtown is much nicer than here – there’s bike lanes, theres many more bikers so drivers are expecting you, and there is just less traffic and crazy jaywalkers.

My parting advice: If you are on foot and see a biker coming towards you, KEEP WALKING. This isn’t a game of chicken – I see you too, and I’m anticipating that you’re going to keep walking. If you stop, I have to play a weird game of Swerve Into Traffic. So just put one foot in front of the other and let me do the avoiding. Thanks.


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