I even surprise myself.

Most of my friends would call me an awkward person. From falling asleep at dinner with my friend’s parents to walking around at work with my hands in my pants pockets to winking at a street meat vendor, I’ve done some pretty awkward things. But what I did last week takes things to a new level. A whole new level that no one should ever reach. It’s taken me six days to even come to terms with this on the blog. Bear with me as I struggle through this story…

For the past few months my company has been working out of two offices around the corner form each other, and it was time to upgrade. So last week we consolidated into a new office (in Times Square – not ready to talk about the ensuing sidewalk rage yet). Our office takes up most of the floor, with over 50 cubicles, a huge kitchen, so on and so forth. My boss is obviously ecstatic to be in such a great new place, so he was roaming the floor chatting with everyone. As a visual, my boss is in his mid-fifties, from Estonia, with a thick accent. Super nice guy, but extremely intimidating at times.

I’m walking out of the kitchen at a rapid clip (as I’m wont to do), and my boss is sauntering in the same direction I’m headed. As I approach him on his right side, he turns, asks me “How’s it going?” As he does so, he extends his right hand, thumb down, and holds it out there. It’s not in a hand-shaking position, and definitely not in a high-fiving position. I’m baffled. But he just keeps walking along, looking at me for an answer, hand out. I slow down a bit to match his pace, answer “It’s great!” and then…reach my left hand out and grasp his hand. I HOLD MY BOSSES HAND. Not sure if you comprehend that. I. held. my. bosses. hand. For about four steps. I can’t tell you if we kept chatting during our stroll or what, because I immediately blacked out of embarrassment.

Only two co-workers saw it happen, and in my flustered state post-hand hold, I told a couple other co-workers, but it’s spreading like wild fire. I doubt I’ll be able to live this down: they already sing “I wanna hold your ha-a-aaand.” It’s only going to get worse as the story spreads. I think I’ll have PTHHD forever (Post-Traumatic Hand-Holding Disorder) forever.


One thought on “I even surprise myself.

  1. daroomie says:

    I just about peed myself reading that and imagining that entire scenario going down. You have reached a new plateau dearest. If this was who wants to be a millionaire, you’d definitely be at 250k.

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