I’m writing this post-oceanfront jacuzzi soak in Islamorada. I’m staying at Cheeca Lodge for a couple days on business, and have really been milking the luxury side of things. I took a sunrise dip as well, and (re)read The Glass Castle before my day of meetings. I have to say, I’m impressed at how much a period of relaxation can get you ready for the day ahead. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s at least 30 degrees warmer here than back in NYC.


Tonight we took a sunset boat ride into the bay, looking at the mangroves and learning about the history of the Keys. Did you know the key with the highest elevation is only 12 feet above sea level? Pretty absurd. Afterwards, we peeked over at Hawk’s Cay, where they have dolphins in a saltwater lagoon. Although it was dark and you couldn’t see much, every 15 seconds or so a dolphin would pop up for air. I tried whistling at them, hoping that was the secret signal, but alas – no tricks.


As much as I’ve loved being here – touring the island, eating fresh sushi, ditching my winter coat – I’m not sure I could live here. I’ve always toyed with the idea of moving south, but it’s just not as glamorous as you’d think. I may be becoming a proximity brat, but having to get in my car and drive 4 miles for a CVS seems over the top when at home I can see Duane Reade from my bedroom window. There’s also a lack of restaurants here, and an even greater lack of diversity. For someone who doesn’t enjoy seafood beyond a healthy shrimp cocktail, this isn’t the ideal culinary destination. Last but not least, the fashion icon here seems to be Tommy Bahama.


I know all my friends & coworkers are jealous – I’ll admit, I’ve been doing some Facebook bragging – but I’ll be ready to touch down at LGA tomorrow.

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