Subways & Books

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a voracious reader. I go through spurts – reading 5 books in 7 days, then not having a book to read for week on end. The bookless portions drive me up the wall, and when I can’t take it any more, I go on a book binge with Amazon. I just went through a bookless phase, and now I’m back with a vengeance.

On my list lately:

  • An Object of Beauty – Steve Martin
    I’ve never read Shopgirl; what really turned me on to Mr. Martin was The Pleasure of My Company. A bit quirky, but a delightful read. Object of Beauty mixes the same fun & wit with a more grounded character and a darker plot. I’m currently tearing my way through this one.
  • My Friend Leonard – James Frey
    A follow-up to his notorious Million Little Pieces, this book is full of twists and turns and edge-of-your-seat writing. I love his run-on sentences and descriptions despite my tendency to be a stickler for grammar & punctuation –  they seem so much more full of emotion this way. Both books are just as good even when you know they’re … embellished.
  • The Glass Castle – Jeannette Walls
    This book makes every reading list I ever create. I just re-read it for what could be the 4th time during my trip to Florida, and it never disappoints.
  • The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
    With the Harry Potter series over, I obviously needed a young-adult guilty-pleasure read! I am already excited for the movie

I recently took a writing class that recommended several books, including “Boy Alone,” “Running in the Family,” “My Dark Places,” and “Stop Time” – all memoirs.

Anyone have any other good suggestions? I usually grab ideas from what people are reading on the subway, but with Kindles its much harder to spy.

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2 thoughts on “Subways & Books

  1. Miss Rambler says:

    If you’re a poetry fan, I’d go for an anthology of Billy Collins or Emily Dickinson. If you like non-fiction, Elissa Wall’s autobiography Stolen Innocence is fascinating. If you are looking for a romance novel that isn’t trashy and isn’t just fluff, go for Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love. If you want to laugh out loud and make the people next to you on the subway wonder if you’re a little bit crackers, read Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent. 🙂 I work in a library, and in the summers i do nothing but read what comes in for the “new book” shelf.

  2. Thats a pretty long list of books – should keep me busy for a while! Thanks!

    I am reading We Need to Talk About Kevin right now and even though I am intrigued by the plot, the writing is just so dense it’s impossible to get through. Have you read it?

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