Basket Case 2

Have I filled you guys in on TNSMDGC? It stands for Tuesday Night Shitty Movie Drinking Game Club. Every Tuesday my volleyball teammates and I get together and play a drinking game to awful movies.

It’s often the highlight of my week – no stress, no dressing up, and the entire time there’s a hilarious running commentary. We’ve been doing it for almost 4 months now and I think I’ve only missed two Tuesdays.

Tonight were watching Basket Case 2, which is my suggestion from an earlier Netflix discovery with Dave. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend the Basket Case series. It’s just so bad it’s funny. Our host has blogged a review each Wednesday morning; I’ll have to remember the link and add it here.

Tonight’s #1 rule: Drink every time someone asks “What’s in the basket?” Cheers!

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One thought on “Basket Case 2

  1. […] go to this!” He responded within 4 seconds, and I forwarded it to another friend from TNSMDGC. He and his girlfriend were in too, as was Adam, so the five of us had a few beers at my place and […]

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