District of Columbia

This weekend I took the train south to hang out with some old college friends in DC. Although we’ve spread out across the East Coast, every three to six months we try to get together in someone’s city for a weekend. We rotate cities – Boston, NYC, Philly, DC – so it’s been almost a year since we were here together. My friend Pat was a wonderful host, putting all 6 of us up in his townhouse.

Friday evening we waited 45 minutes for dinner at Lauriol, but margaritas and Dos Equis made the time fly. It was pretty rowdy – there was a table of roughly 25 that started the wave that ended up sweeping the entire second floor. Later we migrated to Nelly’s for some casual drinks. I was equal parts disgusted and intrigued by the big screens playing collegiate wrestling.

Saturday we had brunch at Eatonville, which was a magical start to the day. Who isn’t enthralled with sweet tea in mason jars?


I had the eggs & fixings; I think between us we sampled everything. Next time I’ll probably order the Charleston toast.


I have to admit I’ve never been partial to DC before (when we all get together, we tend to get into passive-aggressive competitions on who’s city is better) but I have to admit it was very charming this weekend.



Finding something that we all agree on (besides booze) is a bit of a struggle, but we struck gold with the Newseum. Covering the news from the past century and a half, it was filled with fascinating exhibits. My favorite was the exhibit of every Pulitzer Prize-winning photo ever; it displayed all the photos with their background story and words from the photographer. There was also a sports photo exhibit that was interesting.

The large section of the Berlin Wall was pretty impressive:


As was the broadcast needle from the top of one of the Twin Towers:


There were even funny headlines in the bathroom:


Awkwardly, I forgot to turn the shutter noise on my camera off, so the person next to me thought I was up to something naughty.

In honor of the holiday weekend, we decided to make the long trek over to the MLK memorial. Those national landmarks maps are not to scale. However, once we got there it was completely worth it.


Finally, it was time for something I’d been nagging everyone about all weekend: Ben’s Chili Bowl. We all got chili dogs & cheese fries & massive stomachaches.


We rounded off the evening with a game of Apples to Apples that was more competitive than it was ever meant to be and good intentions of going out to a 90s dance party – I’ll admit I was more than pleased when we scrapped our plans and ordered in Papa John’s instead.

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One thought on “District of Columbia

  1. Daroomie says:

    That milk memorial pic is so good

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