A fast-paced word game that’s a mix of Scrabble and a crossword puzzle, Bananagrams is my new favorite game. I first played it with Dave’s friends at a bar in Brooklyn and hated it. With 5 people (most of whom went to Ivy League schools) playing at a crowded picnic table, it wasn’t the best way to learn, and I got really mad that I kept losing, so I boycotted it for almost a year. However, I knew I had to have something to do on the ski trip besides skiing, so I caved and let Dave buy us a Bananagrams set (striking the deal that I could buy dominos and he’d have to play). Dave, my friend Kevin and I played Bananagrams each day while all our other friends were out skiing – this experience was much different. With few people you have more letters, its calmer – yet still lively enough to differentiate it from Scrabble. If you get the chance, I highly suggest you buy a set and play with anyone and everyone – it will make you feel smart.

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One thought on “BANANAGRAMS!

  1. Becca Yuré says:

    Several years ago, my family got stuck on this game too 🙂

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