Early Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day doubles as our 18 month anniversary this year, which is actually nice to get two birds with one stone. Dave and I actually have separate plans on the big day (he has a basketball game, I’m meeting my mentee for the first time), so we decided to celebrate early.

For some reason Dave really wanted to go to a show, and since we couldn’t think of anything better to do on such short notice (because who thinks about Valentine’s Day before February 10?) he bought us tickets to Avenue Q. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about a show with puppets, but it was hilarious! The soundtrack is probably worth buying just for “If You Were Gay” and “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” alone. Luckily Dave enjoyed the show too – I don’t like the idea Valentine’s Day presents should be only for the girl.

It was alarmingly cold out, but in the spirit of being thrifty, we headed towards the bus stop. Then I remembered reading about a brand-new pizza place in the area that was allegedly life changing, so we turned around (and consequently missed a quick snow flurry – lucky!). Life changing is an understatement.


If you’re ever in Hell’s Kitchen, check out Don Antonio’s on West 50th Street. The arancini was alright, but the pizza pictured above was phenomenal. They make the mozzarella daily at the restaurant, so its exceptional. Dave and I split it in anticipation of a homemade meal later, but I could have eaten the whole thing myself. Nothing says love like waddling out of a restaurant together.

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