Role Models

I recently volunteered to be a mentor through SSP, a program that aims to reduce high school drop-out rates. I finally made it off the waiting list and was scheduled to meet my mentee last night. All I knew was that she was a freshman in high school.

I was terribly nervous to meet her. What if she was rude? Even worse, what if she was shy?

The plan was to have a half hour of orientation before getting introduced to Akilah and her mom. In actuality, I was handed a handbook then sent into the wild. We went across the street to Chipotle for chips and to get to know each other. While there were some slightly awkward moments, overall it was a huge success.

Akilah loves to read and write, plays basketball, and wants to visit California when she turns 16. There’s an ice skating event with the mentor program on the 22nd that we are going to – she’s excited because a lot of her friends are in the program too so she can hang out with them there.

As much as I was looking forward to this, it’s already better than I expected.

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