Mr. Parker

I can’t rave enough about Warby Parker.

I wear contacts 95% of the time. This is mostly because I prefer them, but also because I hate my current glasses. The “cool” glasses are always so expensive, and since insurance covers either contacts OR glasses, I always opted for that money to go towards contacts. But I am tired of having to take contact solution with me everywhere, to have to rush over to the dresser to put my contacts in first thing in the morning because I hate my glasses so much. I finally decided to put an end to it and try ordering glasses online. I’d heard good things about Lookmatic from Cup of Jo, but I couldn’t get their “preview your glasses” feature to work, so I bailed.

Recently, my co-worker got a pair of Warby Parker shades as a present. He was showing them off, explaining how they can send you 5 pairs to try on at home – for free. I went online and picked out some pairs that I thought would be reasonably-sized (their selection tends to skew hipster). They arrived within a few days, and I had a fashion show with all the frames. My friends almost unanimously agreed with my #1 pick, and I ordered them a few days later.

Cohen’s was a jerk and wouldn’t give my all the numbers I needed to fill out my Rx, so I had to guess. When my glasses arrived, it was like I was seeing things through a fish-eye lens. If I stared at something, it was in focus, but everything surrounding it was distorted. I thought I would have to return the glasses permanently, but the customer service rep told me to come in this weekend to have their optician check it out. Their showroom is not for the insecure – I may have never seen such a cool/intimidating group of people both working and shopping there. Luckily I was in & out quickly – the optician manipulated the shape of the frames and voila! No longer ashamed to wear glasses outside the house.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Parker

  1. Hey there. I, too, love Warby Parker. Unfortunately, I’m also having the fish-eye issue. I’ve gone back and forth with WB four times trying to get the fish-eye effect cleared up, but each pair still has it.

    Would you do me a HUGE favor and let me know exactly how their optician manipulated the lenses? What was person’s name and what location did you go to? I’d like to give them a call.


    bradkwilliamson AT gmail DOT com

  2. Jason Pratt says:

    Ditto! How did they fix them?

  3. Joan James says:

    I am currently going through the fish-eye epidemic with my Warbys, and it’s not fun 🙂

  4. They’ve sent me two pairs of glasses now, both with the fish-eye effect! I’ve had glasses since third grade and have never had this problem before. So frustrating.

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