St Patricks Day

Has St Patricks Day always been this obnoxious or is it just me? This is the first time in maybe five or six years that I didn’t celebrate the holiday, and now I’ve turned into a grinch. The streets are overrun with Pauly D’s in Celtics tees and trashy Long Island girls in leggings and off-the-shoulder “kiss me I’m Irish” shirts (they should really say “kiss me I’m easy”). I’m trying to get downtown to watch some March Madness and the party is spilling into the streets causing horrible traffic. Some punks just ran up to the stopped bus and pounded on the windows for fun. Seriously? Grow up. If this is how I’ve acted every St Pattys, I sincerely apologize.

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2 thoughts on “St Patricks Day

  1. Entertainer says:

    It is a shame that some people celebrate Irish pride by acting like total fools. Gives the holiday a bad name.

  2. I actually made a home-made tank top in college that said Kiss Me I’m Easy. Not my proudest moment. Flash forward to this year, I’m crankily judging all the other girls like my former self!

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