The Most Dangerous Game

Yesterday my friends and I spent the day at Brooklyn Flea followed by beer hall hopping. First on our trip was Spritzenhaus, where we played an intense game of Jenga.


After this came Berry Park and Radegast. Then we headed into Manhattan for dinner at Lucky Chengs, home of the infamous dinner and a drag show. Our waitress (?) was hilarious, towering over us in eight inch heels, leather corset, and shoulders sculpted by many hours in the gym. The crowd was mostly birthdays and bachelorette parties, so the shrieking level was at an all-time high. The actual show pulled people up from the audience- thank god I didn’t get chosen- to grind on a randomly selected man. Pretty amusing, mainly because it’s so painfully awkward you have to laugh, but I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.

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