Before & After: Adventures in the Kitchen

Yesterday was equal parts productive and relaxing. After Trader Joe’s I went to the park for a few hours and played pickup volleyball. Later in the afternoon I decided to try two of the recipes that I’d picked up ingredients for. First up was pulled pork tacos from the slow cooker. I had a bit of a problem finding a pork shoulder, but finally the butcher got one for me.

There is a huge difference between bone-in and boneless.


After trimming as much fat as I could, I tossed all 4 pounds in the slow cooker for four hours. With some sour cream, pineapple salsa and cilantro, these were delicious!


While that was cooking, I decided to try my hand at some baking. I have a soft spot for cheesecake, and when I saw a recipe in the latest Real Simple, I finally made up my mind to bite the bullet on a food processor. I was a bit concerned that I didn’t have a springform pan, but the advice I got online made me think I could pull it off in a pie dish. Weirdest part of baking it? It’s recommended to bake it in a bath so that the water absorbs the heat evenly – otherwise the cheesecake could crack or burn or not cook all the way through.


I may have slightly misjudged the cooking time, and the results aren’t picture-perfect yet, but I’m [more than] willing to keep trying…



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