West Village Date Night

After dating Dave for almost two years now, we sometimes forget to get out of the apartment (on a related note, I’m already on season two of Game of Thrones…). I had to dress up for an event earlier in the day, so I asked Dave if we could have a date night.

I made reservations with enough time for a few drinks beforehand. We met at Wilfie & Nell for a first round.


I was starving so we split the cheese plate. The applejack sidecar was scrumptious – the whiskey tea a bit too strong for me, but Dave liked it.


The next stop was Fedora Bar. There I sampled a drink called the honey badger. I can’t tell you what was in it – nor did I understand the menu at the time, I ordered purely on account of the awesome name – but it was pretty good and very strong.

For dinner we sprinted across the street in the rain to Ofrenda, a great tip from a friend. We got a table just on the edge of the patio, perfect for people watching.


We ate family style with guac, steak, shrimp, and some sort of weird stuffed porcupine-looking fruit(?), washed down with sangria. It was nice to spend a few hours just talking, people watching, and off the couch.

I try to get us dressed up and splurging on ourselves at least once a month – keeps things fun.

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