Just Do It

Remember playing sports in grade school – you rotated through basketball, soccer, archery, tennis, half assing most of them and only really liking, at best, one? Remember the feeling when you just couldn’t get one of the sports down and had to choose whether to try really hard, thereby admitting that you weren’t good and wanted to be, or pretend that you would be really good if you tried harder but you just couldn’t be bothered with that right now?

I am reacquainted with that feeling now, albeit with a sport I love. I have been playing pickup volleyball with a women’s team about once a week for the past few months. I love volleyball and played in college, so was thrilled to finally find a challenging league (sorry, Zog). The thorn on this rose, however, is that I’m the worst player on the team. Not by a massive gap, but not just by a little either. Everyone in the league seems to not only have played in college, but at a better college. They also seem to have made volleyball their post-graduate life, playing several weeknights in various leagues and traveling to tournaments a couple weekends a month. The self awareness of my errors and faults is so frustrating. I would rather be under the illusion that I am average than being conscious of every mistake I make – my mind knows what my hands and feet just aren’t quick enough to do.

So here again I’m faced with the decision: try really hard or accept my role as the weak link in the chain. When I’m walking out of the gym each week I resolve to try harder. But when I wake up the next morning, that resolve is gone and I’m planning what to bring to the tailgate that weekend. If only there was a way to harness and reserve motivation…

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