Hidden Treasures

Ever notice how most of the “best” foods in any category seem to be concentrated in cities like NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston? Do you think that’s because the best chefs tend to congregate there? Or rather that the writers of said lists live in those cities and don’t have the budget to actually scan the entire country in search of the best popsicles?

For the 4th of July, Dave and his friends spend a weekend in Speculator, New York, a small town on the shores of Lake Pleasant. It’s about what you would expect – a couple restaurants, one grocery store, no stoplights. Being the dessert aficionado that I am, the highlight of the trip for me is the donuts. Made fresh every morning at the community center, they really are some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. I can’t claim to have tasted every donut in the country, but I firmly believe these would be up there.


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