Initial Thoughts

It’s been 24 hours in my new place. I’m obsessed with living alone.

– No need to wear pants. Ever.
– No need to shut doors. Ever.
– Leaving shoes in the living room is oddly satisfying.
– I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want.
– I can hog all the shower storage.
– No wondering if the beer in the fridge is mine. Or the avocados. Or the peanut butter cups. You get the picture.
– You can spend two hours scraping errant paint off the kitchen backsplash with a razor blade and no one will judge you.

More celebratory thoughts to come later.

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One thought on “Initial Thoughts

  1. Woohoo for living alone! I definitely know that celebratory feeling. That first morning of waking up in your new home or apartment or condo, and realizing that for the first time in a long time, you’re actually left to your own devices? Glorious. Suddenly everything seems limitless, and the freedom is almost overwhelming. We’ll always miss our family and friends, but no one can deny that solitude can be such a blessing sometimes. Congrats on your new place, and on your newfound freedom!

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