DIY Fail

I’ve been trying to revamp my new apartment room by room instead of halfway doing every room. I started with the bathroom, since it was small and seemingly a one-evening project. First to go was the toilet seat – the existing seat was one of those gross padded ones from nursing homes. This one was particularly yellowed, and I didn’t like thinking of all the stuff that was most likely living in there.

After figuring out how toilet seats go on (plastic bolts and washers hidden under those latches? Never would have guessed), I get to work. Halfway through (read: unscrewed one screw) I was feeling great. Legitimately was thinking about how I could write a great blog post about how a few easy DIYs can improve any rental situation.

Then I got to the second bolt.

It must have been installed by the Hulk, because it wouldn’t budge. I was on the floor for 15 minutes with different combinations of pliers and wrenches to no avail. I called my dad for advice. He has done this a few times, and instructed me on how to drill through the bolt – its plastic – with a drill.

The drill bit snaps almost instantaneously.

Second bit starts to work, so I spend another 20 minutes cautiously drilling through plastic and then jabbing at it with a screwdriver to poke it out. Finally, success!

The seat I bought is about 3 inches too big.

My super old apartment has miniature everything, so the seat was way too big. Home Depot doesn’t carry the right size, nor does any other store, even online. I finally had to order an RV seat from online; I will be seat-less for 3-8 business days. If that doesn’t work, I may have to somehow DIY build a seat…

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