Go Figure

When Dave and I showed up to his brothers house in Queens yesterday to gift him the lemon tree, we found him harvesting figs from his fig tree. When I said I’d never actually had one, he tossed one down from his perch on the 11-foot ladder. It was deliciously sweet; more so than I could have anticipated. He let us take some home, and I started running through flavor combinations in my mind. I quickly settled on fig, carmelized onion and goat cheese.

I love pizza. I order it a lot, and I make it myself even more. This ranks in my top 5 pies of all time. Even having been to Italy, even living in this pizza powerhouse city. I strongly, strongly suggest you Google a recipe, get the ingredients, and make it ASAP. I have enough left over to make another tomorrow night, and I guarantee I will.


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