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Cider Mill

I’m in upstate New York for a wedding with Dave, and in between the ceremony and reception we went to a cider mill. The donuts and cider are made right there (by surly teenagers), so they’re by far the freshest I’ve had – although I’d say they’re in a different category than Krispy Kreme.

Outside was a farmer’s market with fruits, vegetables, and plenty of pumpkins and corn stalks for photo ops. We saw one lady take her dog through three outfit changes. My, what a large bumblebee you have!



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Old Rooms


Behind a fence surrounding a construction zone is this empty lot. The building abutting the empty lot has the clear demarcations of where the old rooms were, the stairs, the closets. I like walking past here and imagining who used to live here, which room was which, and what happened to the building that used to stand there. Will they paint over it when a new building is finally constructed? I hope it never is.

The Cloisters

Today Dave and I had a great adventure. We started by taking my lemon tree out to his brother’s house in Queens. The poor old tree wasn’t getting enough light in my new apartment and was dropping leaves like its 1999. Hopefully she’ll be happy there and I can have some lemonade in a few months.

Then we went on a trek up to the Cloisters, which I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. All the way up on 190th Street, the Cloisters are in Fort Tryon Park overlooking the Hudson. We strolled among fragrant flowers until we got to the museum. As you can imagine, it’s a big stone building built in the style of religious buildings.

The museum itself is relatively small, but my favorite part is the inner courtyard. It’s full of flowers, a fountain, and was quietly peaceful. It was a bit of a trek to get to, but I loved the views, architecture, peace and serenity. I can’t wait to take a small picnic there and spend a whole afternoon.








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West Village Date Night

After dating Dave for almost two years now, we sometimes forget to get out of the apartment (on a related note, I’m already on season two of Game of Thrones…). I had to dress up for an event earlier in the day, so I asked Dave if we could have a date night.

I made reservations with enough time for a few drinks beforehand. We met at Wilfie & Nell for a first round.


I was starving so we split the cheese plate. The applejack sidecar was scrumptious – the whiskey tea a bit too strong for me, but Dave liked it.


The next stop was Fedora Bar. There I sampled a drink called the honey badger. I can’t tell you what was in it – nor did I understand the menu at the time, I ordered purely on account of the awesome name – but it was pretty good and very strong.

For dinner we sprinted across the street in the rain to Ofrenda, a great tip from a friend. We got a table just on the edge of the patio, perfect for people watching.


We ate family style with guac, steak, shrimp, and some sort of weird stuffed porcupine-looking fruit(?), washed down with sangria. It was nice to spend a few hours just talking, people watching, and off the couch.

I try to get us dressed up and splurging on ourselves at least once a month – keeps things fun.

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Mr. Parker

I can’t rave enough about Warby Parker.

I wear contacts 95% of the time. This is mostly because I prefer them, but also because I hate my current glasses. The “cool” glasses are always so expensive, and since insurance covers either contacts OR glasses, I always opted for that money to go towards contacts. But I am tired of having to take contact solution with me everywhere, to have to rush over to the dresser to put my contacts in first thing in the morning because I hate my glasses so much. I finally decided to put an end to it and try ordering glasses online. I’d heard good things about Lookmatic from Cup of Jo, but I couldn’t get their “preview your glasses” feature to work, so I bailed.

Recently, my co-worker got a pair of Warby Parker shades as a present. He was showing them off, explaining how they can send you 5 pairs to try on at home – for free. I went online and picked out some pairs that I thought would be reasonably-sized (their selection tends to skew hipster). They arrived within a few days, and I had a fashion show with all the frames. My friends almost unanimously agreed with my #1 pick, and I ordered them a few days later.

Cohen’s was a jerk and wouldn’t give my all the numbers I needed to fill out my Rx, so I had to guess. When my glasses arrived, it was like I was seeing things through a fish-eye lens. If I stared at something, it was in focus, but everything surrounding it was distorted. I thought I would have to return the glasses permanently, but the customer service rep told me to come in this weekend to have their optician check it out. Their showroom is not for the insecure – I may have never seen such a cool/intimidating group of people both working and shopping there. Luckily I was in & out quickly – the optician manipulated the shape of the frames and voila! No longer ashamed to wear glasses outside the house.

I found a sponsor.


If a more perfect sponsorship opportunity exists, I can’t think of it.


An open letter:

Dear Anyone I’ve Judged for Wearing Slippers in Public,

I’m sorry. This morning I wore slippers to the bagel shop and it was magical. I totally get why you do it. It even validates all the people who wrote online reviews of my slippers – at the time I judged them for wearing moccasins to 7-11. But now I know better. I know how deliciously comfortable it is to have your feet swathed in sheepskin every step of the way. People wearing shoes –they’re the chumps.


Not A New Yorker

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A better bagel?…

This weekend I discovered bialys, which are basically hole-less donuts and less crispy. I had a ham, egg & cheese on a bialy on Saturday, which was divine. In my head they are healthier because less bread mass = fewer carbs = eating bialy sandwiches is good for me. Which it definitely isn’t. Next is to see if they stand up to the veggie cream cheese test.

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Best Burger in a While.


St. Marks Place & 2nd


My second Pride parade was much more inspiring than last year’s, for the mere fact that NY had just passed the marriage bill. It was fabulous, touching, and nothing if not sassy. Below, for your viewing pleasure, are some of my pictures from the day (they get progressively blurry as my album goes on, since I was drinking Four Loko through a straw (and later poured wine into that empty can)).

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It was amazing to be an a place where the atmosphere was so open, excited, and optimistic. Everyone was making friends, and truly celebrating family in all shapes and sizes. Touching to see so many little kids who have the opportunity to grow up in a much more accepting world.