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Moving, pt. 3

As I’m about to embark on apartment number three in Manhattan, I’m reflecting on my other two moves and how they contrast with this one.

First moving here from Delaware was a struggle in every sense of the word. Amanda and I were taking trains up on the weekend to look at places with various brokers, pounding the pavement all over town. I remember meeting a friend for coffee one Saturday afternoon and bawling in the middle of Dunkin Donuts. Ten minutes later she came with me to see the apartment I ended up moving into. Tears were a common theme, though, as I bawled once signing the lease for the apartment with no job. One week later I was working at Qdoba to pay bills, and a week after that I quit because I’d been offered the job I’m still at today.

Amanda moved to LA with three months left in our lease, so I found a random girl on Craigslist that I’ve lived with for the past two years.

When I called to renew that lease, I was told it wasn’t getting renewed. That day I spent 15 minutes crying at work. In three weeks I packed, found a place, and (easily) convinced Elise to move with me. The weekend I moved was my first kiss with Dave – we just planned a trip to Portland for our two year anniversary.

This move has been the smoothest to date, but that doesn’t mean it’s been without its own issues. I’ve had to find a subletter, pay my first brokers fee, sell the majority of my furniture on Craigalist, call Time Warner Cable 8 times with no success, and so on. With just five days to go (with a trip to Atlantic City jammed in there somehow), I feel ready to go. My boxes are packed, I’ve picked out paint samples, and I’ve read enough design blogs to have an honorary degree in interior design.

Looking back, each move has marked a significant change in my life. What will happen this time? I’m ecstatic to have an apartment to myself and see how my life will be shaped by this transition.

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Meet the Mets


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This weekend was Googamooga, a food-lovers dream with a side of music. In theory it was a great idea: awesome local food vendors selling smaller “tastes” as well as beer and wine tents. In practice, not as great. The lines for everything were very long, and for some reason the only place you could get water was the same place as beer, so dehydration was at an all-time high. Luckily I ate before I went and the weather was gorgeous so I wasn’t too upset, but there are some angry people out there. The highlight of the day was definitely The Roots. Next year they should either double the number of vendors or let 40% fewer people in. All I have to say is I’m glad the tickets were free!



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The Most Dangerous Game

Yesterday my friends and I spent the day at Brooklyn Flea followed by beer hall hopping. First on our trip was Spritzenhaus, where we played an intense game of Jenga.


After this came Berry Park and Radegast. Then we headed into Manhattan for dinner at Lucky Chengs, home of the infamous dinner and a drag show. Our waitress (?) was hilarious, towering over us in eight inch heels, leather corset, and shoulders sculpted by many hours in the gym. The crowd was mostly birthdays and bachelorette parties, so the shrieking level was at an all-time high. The actual show pulled people up from the audience- thank god I didn’t get chosen- to grind on a randomly selected man. Pretty amusing, mainly because it’s so painfully awkward you have to laugh, but I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.

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Holy burlesque show, Batman!

Last night I did one of the more adventurous things I’ve done in the past two years here. I was doing some Facebook stalking researching and came across the “Holy Shit, Batman Returns!” Epic Win Burlesque Show that was featured in Time Out New York, among other places.  It seemed like the right mix of nerdy, risque and unique, so I sent the link to Dave in an email with a subject line that said “let’s go to this!” He responded within 4 seconds, and I forwarded it to another friend from TNSMDGC. He and his girlfriend were in too, as was Adam, so the five of us had a few beers at my place and then took a cab over to get in line for standby tickets. After a nail-biting 45 minutes, we were seated.

The show was hosted by two guys who introduced each girl, gave random pieces of Batman trivia, and awkwardly did a rap at intermission with a puppet. Anyways, the “opening act” was a go-go dancer who was decked out in bat-wing pasties and a cape. I felt pretty dirty watching her, since people were still filing in to their seats, getting drinks, putting dollar bills in her skirt, etc. Once the girls backstage were ready, the two hosts introduced each act with some trivia knowledge about each villain that the next act would be “interpreting.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t remember the order of the acts, but I do know that my favorites were Poison Ivy, Robin, and the Joker. There were appearances by the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Black Mask and Clayface. The boys were expecting a thinly-veiled narrative throughout the show, but we all agreed later that the premise of the show was closer to “put on this Batman-themed costume and strip.” The props changed from act to act, but they ultimately all ended in some pastie twirling. The show itself was pretty entertaining; what I found most awkward was the audience. I know the slideshow above isn’t comprised of the most high-quality photos, but that isn’t because I had to take pictures on the sly. People in the audience were blatantly taking  photographs on their Canons, flash and all! I found it suuuuper awkward to see the guy in front of me zooming in as far as he could. I guess the performers are comfortable with it, and the pictures are online if you care to Google, but I assumed it was like any other show – no photography allowed. After intermission, Dave & Adam were making some “flash photography” jokes that involved me showing my bits & pieces for a photo op.

After the show, we went out for another drink or two, sang along to some Billy Joel songs, and headed home around one or two. On the overall it was a pretty tame night, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing something besides the pregame-bar-Papaya Dog routine.






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Cougar on the Prowl

In midtown, there is no shortage of cougars, especially mid-day. I’m sitting at a coffee shop on my corner doing work, and over the past hour I’ve been observing this one cougar corner her quarry into a discussion on where he got his suede driving shoes (he sounds foreign and must not know the legend of the cougar. Surely his accent is like blood in the water – other cougars can smell him from miles around and are slowly circling). Game must be scarce up here, because another cougar is sitting at the next table and keeps butting into their conversation in between slurps of her soup-for-one.

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A fast-paced word game that’s a mix of Scrabble and a crossword puzzle, Bananagrams is my new favorite game. I first played it with Dave’s friends at a bar in Brooklyn and hated it. With 5 people (most of whom went to Ivy League schools) playing at a crowded picnic table, it wasn’t the best way to learn, and I got really mad that I kept losing, so I boycotted it for almost a year. However, I knew I had to have something to do on the ski trip besides skiing, so I caved and let Dave buy us a Bananagrams set (striking the deal that I could buy dominos and he’d have to play). Dave, my friend Kevin and I played Bananagrams each day while all our other friends were out skiing – this experience was much different. With few people you have more letters, its calmer – yet still lively enough to differentiate it from Scrabble. If you get the chance, I highly suggest you buy a set and play with anyone and everyone – it will make you feel smart.

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Early Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day doubles as our 18 month anniversary this year, which is actually nice to get two birds with one stone. Dave and I actually have separate plans on the big day (he has a basketball game, I’m meeting my mentee for the first time), so we decided to celebrate early.

For some reason Dave really wanted to go to a show, and since we couldn’t think of anything better to do on such short notice (because who thinks about Valentine’s Day before February 10?) he bought us tickets to Avenue Q. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about a show with puppets, but it was hilarious! The soundtrack is probably worth buying just for “If You Were Gay” and “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” alone. Luckily Dave enjoyed the show too – I don’t like the idea Valentine’s Day presents should be only for the girl.

It was alarmingly cold out, but in the spirit of being thrifty, we headed towards the bus stop. Then I remembered reading about a brand-new pizza place in the area that was allegedly life changing, so we turned around (and consequently missed a quick snow flurry – lucky!). Life changing is an understatement.


If you’re ever in Hell’s Kitchen, check out Don Antonio’s on West 50th Street. The arancini was alright, but the pizza pictured above was phenomenal. They make the mozzarella daily at the restaurant, so its exceptional. Dave and I split it in anticipation of a homemade meal later, but I could have eaten the whole thing myself. Nothing says love like waddling out of a restaurant together.

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