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Cider Mill

I’m in upstate New York for a wedding with Dave, and in between the ceremony and reception we went to a cider mill. The donuts and cider are made right there (by surly teenagers), so they’re by far the freshest I’ve had – although I’d say they’re in a different category than Krispy Kreme.

Outside was a farmer’s market with fruits, vegetables, and plenty of pumpkins and corn stalks for photo ops. We saw one lady take her dog through three outfit changes. My, what a large bumblebee you have!



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Eggplant Parm for One


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Go Figure

When Dave and I showed up to his brothers house in Queens yesterday to gift him the lemon tree, we found him harvesting figs from his fig tree. When I said I’d never actually had one, he tossed one down from his perch on the 11-foot ladder. It was deliciously sweet; more so than I could have anticipated. He let us take some home, and I started running through flavor combinations in my mind. I quickly settled on fig, carmelized onion and goat cheese.

I love pizza. I order it a lot, and I make it myself even more. This ranks in my top 5 pies of all time. Even having been to Italy, even living in this pizza powerhouse city. I strongly, strongly suggest you Google a recipe, get the ingredients, and make it ASAP. I have enough left over to make another tomorrow night, and I guarantee I will.


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730 Days

Today is my two-year anniversary with Dave. We had planned on going to dinner and a movie (going to Portland, ME in two weeks is our actual anniversary celebration), but when it started raining this afternoon I begged off of extracurriculars. Instead I hoped to use my new individual soup crocks for my favorite: french onion soup. I have yet to take a bite – I’m still fawning over how it looks. I’m glad that I’ve found someone who is ok with celebrating with soup and Restaurant: Impossible.


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The Perfect Sandwich


Turkey, bacon, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes on sourdough – toasted. Delightful.

Hidden Treasures

Ever notice how most of the “best” foods in any category seem to be concentrated in cities like NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston? Do you think that’s because the best chefs tend to congregate there? Or rather that the writers of said lists live in those cities and don’t have the budget to actually scan the entire country in search of the best popsicles?

For the 4th of July, Dave and his friends spend a weekend in Speculator, New York, a small town on the shores of Lake Pleasant. It’s about what you would expect – a couple restaurants, one grocery store, no stoplights. Being the dessert aficionado that I am, the highlight of the trip for me is the donuts. Made fresh every morning at the community center, they really are some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. I can’t claim to have tasted every donut in the country, but I firmly believe these would be up there.


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BBQ Block Party

Madison Square Park, ribs from the South.



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West Village Date Night

After dating Dave for almost two years now, we sometimes forget to get out of the apartment (on a related note, I’m already on season two of Game of Thrones…). I had to dress up for an event earlier in the day, so I asked Dave if we could have a date night.

I made reservations with enough time for a few drinks beforehand. We met at Wilfie & Nell for a first round.


I was starving so we split the cheese plate. The applejack sidecar was scrumptious – the whiskey tea a bit too strong for me, but Dave liked it.


The next stop was Fedora Bar. There I sampled a drink called the honey badger. I can’t tell you what was in it – nor did I understand the menu at the time, I ordered purely on account of the awesome name – but it was pretty good and very strong.

For dinner we sprinted across the street in the rain to Ofrenda, a great tip from a friend. We got a table just on the edge of the patio, perfect for people watching.


We ate family style with guac, steak, shrimp, and some sort of weird stuffed porcupine-looking fruit(?), washed down with sangria. It was nice to spend a few hours just talking, people watching, and off the couch.

I try to get us dressed up and splurging on ourselves at least once a month – keeps things fun.

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Artichoke Pizza

This place in the East Village is always packed – now I know why. This tastes like artichoke dip on one huge crunchy-yet-doughy cracker. Amazing.


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This weekend was Googamooga, a food-lovers dream with a side of music. In theory it was a great idea: awesome local food vendors selling smaller “tastes” as well as beer and wine tents. In practice, not as great. The lines for everything were very long, and for some reason the only place you could get water was the same place as beer, so dehydration was at an all-time high. Luckily I ate before I went and the weather was gorgeous so I wasn’t too upset, but there are some angry people out there. The highlight of the day was definitely The Roots. Next year they should either double the number of vendors or let 40% fewer people in. All I have to say is I’m glad the tickets were free!



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