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Cider Mill

I’m in upstate New York for a wedding with Dave, and in between the ceremony and reception we went to a cider mill. The donuts and cider are made right there (by surly teenagers), so they’re by far the freshest I’ve had – although I’d say they’re in a different category than Krispy Kreme.

Outside was a farmer’s market with fruits, vegetables, and plenty of pumpkins and corn stalks for photo ops. We saw one lady take her dog through three outfit changes. My, what a large bumblebee you have!



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Old Rooms


Behind a fence surrounding a construction zone is this empty lot. The building abutting the empty lot has the clear demarcations of where the old rooms were, the stairs, the closets. I like walking past here and imagining who used to live here, which room was which, and what happened to the building that used to stand there. Will they paint over it when a new building is finally constructed? I hope it never is.

View from the New Museum


Dave has a friend who works as a curator at the New Museum down on Bowery. Occasionally we get invited to openings of art I don’t understand, but I enjoy going for three reasons: classy open bar, the people watching, and the view from the sky deck (see above). There was no tactful way to take pics of the characters there, but clearly the crowd had perfected the art of walking the line between hobo and chic. I felt like such a school marm. Maybe I should have not washed my hair, forgotten a bra, and worn boots regardless of the heat wave. Oh, and bright red lipstick. Can’t forget the bright red lipstick.

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West Village Date Night

After dating Dave for almost two years now, we sometimes forget to get out of the apartment (on a related note, I’m already on season two of Game of Thrones…). I had to dress up for an event earlier in the day, so I asked Dave if we could have a date night.

I made reservations with enough time for a few drinks beforehand. We met at Wilfie & Nell for a first round.


I was starving so we split the cheese plate. The applejack sidecar was scrumptious – the whiskey tea a bit too strong for me, but Dave liked it.


The next stop was Fedora Bar. There I sampled a drink called the honey badger. I can’t tell you what was in it – nor did I understand the menu at the time, I ordered purely on account of the awesome name – but it was pretty good and very strong.

For dinner we sprinted across the street in the rain to Ofrenda, a great tip from a friend. We got a table just on the edge of the patio, perfect for people watching.


We ate family style with guac, steak, shrimp, and some sort of weird stuffed porcupine-looking fruit(?), washed down with sangria. It was nice to spend a few hours just talking, people watching, and off the couch.

I try to get us dressed up and splurging on ourselves at least once a month – keeps things fun.

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Terrific Tuesday

Dave’s birthday was yesterday, and as part of the celebration we took off work the day after to hang out together and do things that are much more enjoyable to do on weekdays than weekends. It started off wonderfully by waking up at 9:30, and to boot, I finally got over my terrible cold that I’d had since Friday. We lazed around, watched some daytime tv, and formulated a game plan.

Dave’s main and only goal for the day was to see a movie in the afternoon, so we set off for that first. The movie he wanted to see was playing near Union Square, so we headed downtown. I made us stop for a bite to eat at Spoon – overrated. I guess I expected table service, but they are basically a glorified overpriced deli, and rude to boot.

After the movie we meandered down to Washington Square Park for some world-class people watching. It was beautiful in the sun, so we stayed a while.


When it was finally time to go, we agreed to walk all the way home – not like we had to be anywhere quickly. On the way home we saw a cheese store that I immediately demanded to check out. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is a glorious place that I can’t wait to get back to. They make and sell cheese as well as other appetizer-y items and utensils. There was a sample of cheese out, which we ended up buying, but I also wanted a recommendation from them. I wanted a mild soft cheese similar to goat cheese – the guy immediately recommended Brebis Blanche, which is apparently a type of sheep’s cheese. We sprung for a baguette as well to eat them with, and while it cost us a pretty penny, it was totally worth it.



Both cheeses were good, but the Blanche was amazing. Even Dave agreed that it was basically like a dessert. After lingering in the park a bit more, we finally headed home to collapse after the fifty-block walk (Dave is passed out as I write this). I wish every day could be this enjoyable.

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Balancing act

Most people know that Rockefeller Center gets dressed up for Christmas, but it also gets decorated for many of the other holidays as well. The picture below is from Easter last year!


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At a dude ranch in Georgia for vacation – more pictures to come later.

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