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The Little Things

Lately my relationship with my shower has been lackluster, to say the least. The blame lies on both of us – I bought a shower curtain liner that was ten inches too long so it bunches up under your feet when shower, and in return the shower has been slowly decreasing the water pressure to a slow drip. Maybe it was holding a grudge from the time I asked the super to come fix a leak and he manhandled the showerhead. Either way, today has been a long time coming.

I was convinced that a new showerhead was going to do the trick, so last week I bought a 7-speed and watched three “How to Install a Showerhead” videos online. I also took careful measurements of my shower and bought a new curtain liner that fit just right. This morning I bribed Dave with a delicious breakfast, then sent him out for the additional necessary materials. While I did the dishes, he changed the showerhead. When I was almost done, he called me into admire his handiwork.

I have never been so excited to see a non-leaky shower with moderate water pressure. It was beautiful.  I put it through its paces – who uses the weird three-strong-jets-of-water-coming-out-the-center setting? – and settled on the “average shower” option.  I was so inspired by the improvement that I “fixed” the clock in the kitchen (put a battery in it).

This Sunday has been a total success!

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